How to Submit

You can send by post the first two or three chapters, a one-page synopsis, a separate cover letter and an sase (see FAQs for further information) to 18 Belitha Villas, London N1 1PD.

You also have the option of submitting by e-mail via this website. See 'Contact Us' section.

For non-fiction, you should submit the first and/or other sample chapter, a synopsis (including overview of possible competition), and a chapter breakdown, as well as any supporting evidence or articles.

Submitted Chapters

  • It is specified that submitted chapters should be taken from the beginning, because it is very difficult to gauge the merit of a book when the reader also has to work out what is going on.
  • Try it yourself when you look for a book in a book shop or library: if the opening doesnít grab the reader, then the book isnít ready for submission.


  • In the case of non-fiction, however, middle chapters may be submitted.
  • It would also be useful to provide a list of other books on the subject in order to see how your book compares with possible competing titles.
  • This shows that you have done your research and can prove that you have written a book for an untapped market.
  • If you wish, you may telephone (020 7607 0273) to enquire if the subject matter is of interest, which can save time for both parties.